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" Come See All The Shopping Stores In This Location"

"Hi I'm Stephanie"


Behind the Scenes of My Time Management

  Salon Savvy Style

  1. Arrive On Time 
  2. Call as soon as you can when you need to cancel
  3. Bring Enough Money
  4. Decide what you want done
  5. Schedule a Consultation if you don't know what you want 
  6. Even if you know exactly what you want, bring a picture 
  7. Don't Supervise Hairstylist
  8. To avoid a cutting mistake, before any hair falls, ask your stylist to show you or have someone watch you cut
  9. Unless it's truly important, stay off your cell phone
  10. Don't bring a friend unless he/she's getting a service too. 
  11. Get a Babysitter if possible
  12. Eat Before you come

"Because You Where Born To Be Beautiful, From The Inside Out"

"You Where Born 2B Beautiful"

Licensed Cosmetologist & Freelance Braider

Independent Distributor  & Certified Braider of

"Talliah Waajid , Atlanta, GA  - Black Earth Products” 

Born 2B Beautiful

Natural & Chemical Hair Care Service:

Has been created and designed for woman on the move, whether for business or pleasure. Braids are not what they use to be; Stephanie's has a design that is custom-made for each individual’s preference, short, long, bobbed, or straight. Natural Hair is so versatile, whether for natural braiding, natural locking, and natural weaving.

Chemical Services Too: Offering all services in the chemical line of relaxers, color, and tinting. Each client if observed one on one, the same product will not be recommended for all clientele.  I will tailor make each client taste based off of style and personality. I will also make each client aware of his or her hair texture and density to provide the best product line necessary for hair growth and healthiness.Both Hair Services can be obtained and will stimulate new hair growth at the same time.

Time Management:
These styles of braids are designed for business or pleasure attire. It is perfectly fit for the busy woman of a career, family, and or just on the move with other social events. It shaves off 3-4 hours of maintenance a day from your busy schedule. These styles are worn in all seasons also, whether rain, heat, sleet, or snow; Stephanie's techniques are perfect to style and go. For instance in the Summer it is too warm, and we sweat out our style, and in the fall, it is too windy, and the Winter to dry, brittle and cold to put heat on your hair, which cause breakage. And in the spring there are thunderstorms and rain, to moist for keeping your style just right. Not for Born 2B Beautiful, the reason is that you can still juggle your entire daily task without having to worry about the care of your hair!

: Each client is different and has different needs. I take into consideration that each and every hair technique is not for every hair condition. That is why I feel that you should have an opportunity to freely discuss your concerns and questions. This will make your hair technique an ease of trying out.




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